Know Who's Provable and Who's Not!

Discover if your favorite online bitcoin casino is a Provably Fair Casino or a Non-Provably Fair Casino, and once you've discover everything about your bitcoin casino, staying with them or leaving them is your discretion.

Everybody is Welcome to Access UK Bitcoin Casinos Sites

Bitcoin is a form of an online currency that is free of government control. It does not have any physical form. It is one of the most popular alternative forms of payment. It is cost effective and cheap. It needs only few minutes to confirm a transfer of funds. If bank transfers or credit card payment have fees, this one is free. The Bitcoin network is regulated by not producing more than 21 million bitcoins. It is so to effectively deal with the possible inflation.

Advantages of Bitcoins

It is possible to send and receive payment in an instant at any time and any day. People can use bitcoins to pay for anything they want. There is no limit. However, the most notable features of the currency are:
  •  Very Low Fees. Transfer of funds asks for very little to no fees at all. The service is free but some users include extra fees to receive priority in the process.
  • Secured and Controlled. Personal information need not to be included in transactions. The bitcoin users remain anonymous. It is impossible to be asked extra amount because there are no “hidden charges”.
  • Transparent and Neutral. No organization can manipulate or control Bitcoin protocol. People have access to the trading records. The block chain is updated in real-time for accurate data.
Play with Bitcoins

Countries have their own rules with the use of bitcoins. UK is one of the countries with clear rules for both bitcoins and online gambling. Everybody who is of legal age can access different bitcoin casino UK sites. This is regardless of location. People would not have needed to open their proxy servers. People can enjoy a great variety of all-time favorite casino games. They could also use the currency to bet in sporting events. Bitcoin Sports Betting has more information about betting in sports events.