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Changing the Face of Bitcoin?

Industry Group Aims to Change Bitcoin Symbol to ‘Ƀ’

There is an effort to better represent bitcoin as a symbol is launched. The Unicode ‘Ƀ’ symbol has been chosen by a website of industry members as a way to better legitimize bitcoin as a symbol both in print and online media.

It is already an existing Unicode character under the non-profit corporation Unicode Consortium, which describes it as a "latin capital B with stroke" that has the hex Alt +0243. A number of bitcoin companies already use Ƀ as the symbol to denote bitcoin. They include ZeroBlock, Lamasuu, Tip4Commit.

The current bitcoin symbol

Bitcoin has long been denoted as B however it is not recognized as a Unicode symbol by the Unicode Consortium, which develops such standards. Having a symbol in Unicode form means it would work in different fonts and formats and would help to better convey the cryptocurrency to the masses in various forms of media.

There has been community discussion to get B⃦ used in conjunction with the Unicode Consortium, with a Bitcoin Wiki resource devoted to it.

However, since the Unicode Consortium already accepts Ƀ, it could be an easier path to adoption since there are no standardization roadblocks in the way.