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Bitcoin Economy is Controlled?

Is the Bitcoin Economy Controlled by Online Gambling?

More than half of all Bitcoin Transactions are from Gambling Sites. But is the Future of Bitcoin a Safe Bet? There are many parallels between the risk of betting on bitcoin as the currency of the future and the risk of placing a bet on the Yankees. For one bitcoin enthusiast those risks are one and the same.

Bitcoin advocate, entrepreneur and CEO of Bitcoin Sports Trade, Tyler Wilson discusses what bitcoin means to the world and how it is the innovation that inspired him to create

Gambling on Freedom

Wilson shares his thoughts on the true power of Bitcoin. "Bitcoin means much more to the world thatn just a new form of money" he says. "Bitcoin at its core represents the decentralization of a corrupted banking system and the freedom of choice. Bitcoin literally has the potential to unify the world and give the powe back to the people", he explains.

Using bitcoin to facilitate a bitcoin sports betting site is fun and all but what bitcoin really represents has far greater significance to me. Bitcoin gives a voice to the people, so the more we use bitcoin collectively, the louder that voice becomes, according to Wilson. He also says that the more companies start to accpet bitcoin and the more bitcoin based businesses are started, the more we will be able to shift the imbalance of control in the world.

Bitcoin is no controlled by any single entity. Nobody's in control so no one can tell you what to do with your bitcoins and how to spend them. Isn't that true definition of democracy?