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Blockchain Reaches Milestone

Milestone Passes 1.6 million User Mark!

The CEO Nicolas Cary, the most popular online bitcoin wallet website, shared his excitement in twitter that Blockchain had almost passed 1.6 million users. Since his posting, the blockchain website has reached and surpassed the 1.6 million mark and is continuing new records.

Blockchain Passes the 1.6 Million User Mark

The reason for blockchain's wide success stems from how the website is run and what it has to offer its users. Blockchain allows people to store Bitcoins in an online Bitcoin wallet known as a 'my wallet' which allows users to make transactions around the world for free. The key factor about Blockchain is that users are the ones who have the full authority of their bitcoins. What this means is that Blockchain is unable to see transactions, user balance, or make payments.

Blockchain also boasts of a secure standard AES encryption to protect users' wallets. The great thing about the encryption is that any communication between clients and Blockchain servers are encrypted. This signifies that Blockchain actually does not have access to users' accounts.

The online Bitcoin wallet website also offers a variety of features that may appeal to a wide audience: 
Free, No Fees
Two Factor Authentication
Secure Client Side Encryption
Live Updating Interface
Ability to make your own backups.
Import / Export Private keys.
SMS & Email Payment notifications

Bitcoin users flock to Blockchain because it is known as one of the most secure forms of online wallets. Therefore, it is understandable that the amount of users are only going to increase.