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Popular Casino Games With Bitcoin

The Bitcoin gambling community is one that enjoys the different offerings of virtual currency platforms. With versatility as a top priority for most brands, a rookie bettor might be overwhelmed with the vast number of Bitcoin games provided by top-tier brands. This list aims to narrow down the selection portion during the early stages of one’s betting journey.

Bitcoin Bingo

Bitcoin bingo is one of the simplest yet enjoyable activities there is in the world of online gaming. The aim for a bettor is to try and match a random set of numbers on the card provided. This card typically contains a 5x5 template where each column is represented by the letters B, I, N, G, and O. The middle square is usually a free square. Moreover, the first bettor to complete a specific pattern—which is usually a straight, horizontal, or diagonal line across the matrix—wins the round and receives rewards in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Baccarat

This game involves three options that a player may choose: Player, Tie, and Banker. This game is typically played against other players, but can also be played against a dealer. Once all bettors have placed their wagers, the dealer deals out 2-card hands, one is the banker while the other is the player hand. The hands are then added up, and if it totals to ten, the first number is dropped, which brings it back to zero. Whichever hand displays a higher value and higher of the 2, wins the round.

Bitcoin Roulette

This game involves a spinning device—or a virtual wheel in the case of other casino games with Bitcoin—and a table layout that includes the corresponding numbers on the wheel. These numbers range from 1-36, a zero, and a double zero in the case of the American roulette. Moreover, each of these numbers is either colored in black or red.

The players place their wagers before or during the early periods of the wheels rotation. Users can place their bets on any a series of combinations, single numbers, black or red, and odd or even. Once the wheel loses momentum and stops, all bets that fall under the corresponding number wins.

Bitcoin slots

Other than Bitcoin Bingo being the simplest casino activity there is, slots come in next or at par with the game. Generally, slots contain three or more reels with different symbols on each reel. Once a bettor places his desired bet for a round, the reels spin. If the outcome corresponds to a given table with different combinations is met, the player receives a certain amount of bitcoins.