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Have Great Fun with These Four Bitcoin Dice Sites

One of the gambling trends that Bitcoin kicked off was the start of the single-game gambling site. Often offering one simple game instead of a wide array of them, these sites started popping up after Satoshi Dice showed how easy it was to get people betting. It’s actually quite enjoyable if you have a few minutes and bitcoins to spare.

The problem is, nowadays, Bitcoin dice games are dime-a-dozen. It seems that they are like mushrooms, popping up overnight. It can be hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. It is easy enough to play on any site because of their being no need to register an account, but players want a site that’s different from the usual. Here are four sites you should try out, if you want to just have with no worries.


BitsLer is not exactly a single-game site. It offers four games, essentially a dice game, a roulette wheel, cara y cruz and three-card monte. Just give a username and you’re dropped into lobby to decide what to play. Click on dice to start playing; the site interface tells you about recent bets, lets you place bets and choose whether the dice will roll high or low. Everything’s streamlined and easy to understand.

This site drops you immediately into the action. The all-black site with the intimidating red dice roller in the middle just asks you to input your bet and then to choose whether high or low. After that, it’s all fun.


999 makes everything easy. Just click on the bet dial to manipulate your bet, then to the bet size to make your wager. Another click and you discover whether your win or not. This site is fast and slick; you can literally see the flow of bets as it streams new bets on the screen.

Satoshi Dice

This site began the bitcoin dice phenomenon. It is still operating after someone bought it, with additions like wheel of fortune and a slot game. The core is still the dice game though and the site’s flexible side bar lets people over and under a set number that can range from one to the hundred thousands.