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Luck of the Draw: Why People Love Bitcoin Lotteries

Bitcoin lottery games are a popular game among many people in the online gambling world. Online gamblers buy tickets for a draw, sometimes more than one to get a chance at winning. Even small draws often get at least a few hundred buyers to be part of the pool. There are a couple of reasons for the popularity of Bitcoin lotteries.

Easy to Play

The main attraction is the fact that lotteries are not as confusing as other games. Just like slot machines, all you need to do is one thing. In slots, it’s just pulling that lever. In lotteries, you’ll only need to buy a ticket. There are no rules to worry about, no complicated hands to remember. Buy a ticket and then you’ll get a chance to win, no matter what you do. Some lotteries make things a bit complicated by adding multiple numbers for drawing and basing wins on how many numbers are guessed right. It’s still pretty easy to understand and random picks are just as legitimate as well-thought ones.

Bitcoin lotteries also succeed because of the micropayment factor. People can just shell out a few millibitcoins or satoshis to buy a ticket. If they wanted to increase their chances, they’d be buying multiple tickets. Every ticket has an equal chance of winning and people like this fairness added to the mix.

The Thrill of the Draw

The other factor that makes people like lotteries so much is the randomness of it. People like the thrill that uncertainty gives them. It’s like rolling the dice hoping for the win. This is why Bitcoin dice and slots are also favorites. But none of them can match the jackpot factor of a really big lottery. As a gambler, knowing that you can possibly win big, there’s nothing more attractive.

Buy a ticket in a Bitcoin lottery to feel the thrill yourself.