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The Cryptocurrencies War!

In other words the war of cryptocurrency is as simple as what is the difference between an HD DVD and a Blu-ray Disc? In a nutshell, one is a lose and the other is a winner. In the late 2000s, the two battled it out on store shelves in what is known as a format war. Which won? Here's a hint: you won't be watching Gravity on HD DVD anytime soon!

The argument in favor of war is like this! If you were to view the cryptocurrenncy format from this perspective, bitcoin would be the clear front-runner. A few other coins- dogecoin, peercoin, and litecoin - would be trailing close behind. There might be other legitimate contenders in the near future.

The wide variety of coins may actually be hindering cryptocurrency rather than helping its cause. When HD DVD and Blu-ray were duking it out to be the industry standard, sales of both were ultimately hurt. Consumers were afraid to buy a player or discs of either one, wary they would commit to the format that eventually lost the fight.
The market for cryptocurrency involves everyone that uses money: it's everyone.
If this thinking holds true for cryptocurrencies, then the availability of so many coins may deter people (especially non-techies) from buying into any single coin. As a result, many will simply adopt a wait-and-see approach, especially as one cryptocurrency is bound to emerge on top.