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What Does Mt.Gox CEO Need To Explain

Mt. Gox CEO ordered to US for questioning on missing bitcoins!
The imploded exchange's saga continues as a US bankruptcy judge orders Mark Karpeles to better explain the disappearance of 650,000 bitcoins.
In just a  few months Mt.Gox has gone from being the world's top Bitcoin exchange to shuttered, missing nearly $400 million in bitcoins, and accused of fraud. Now there is this judge from the United States that is ordering the Japan-based exchange's CEO to come to the US and answer a few questions about the Chapter 15 bankruptcy protection it filed in the US last month, according to Reuters. Mt.Gox also filed for bankruptcy in Japan in February.

The Us Bankruptcy judge Stacey Jernigan ordered Mark Karpeles to be in Dallas on April 17. Jernigan wants Karpeles to give more details on wht Mt.Gox shutdown and how hundreds of thousands of customer bitcoins were lots.