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The Difference of Bitcoin and Dogecoin

Charts to show how Different Bitcoin and Dogecoin fans really are!

As messages boards and news articles routinely show, bitcoin and dogecoin have attracted markedly differently crowds to the digital currency community.

Bitcoin fans routinely allege that dogecoin's very existence undermines what they consider the overall message of digital currency movement that consumers should be freed from archaic monetary systems, while dogecoin users are quick to point out that bitcoin users can be overly focused on the value of bitcoin against the dollar.

Now, two new graphics have emerged that use the words of the communities' own reddit users to illustrate the differences between the respective groups. Popular terms "people", "money", and "time" dominate the bitcoin subreddit, while in the dogecoin subreddit, words like "dogetipbot", "verify" and "help" are the most common.

Bitcoin emphasizes financial systems

The bitcoin subreddit word cloud includes a wealth of terms related to existing financial systems, suggesting that bitcoin enthusiasts want to see BTC disrupt the global financial system. That, in turn, might cause its price to continue upward.

Words like "transaction", "government" and "bank" show that bitcoin fans on reddit are talking about BTC in terms of how it could be replace fiat systems of monetary value.

Dogecoins focuses on giving

By contrast, the dogecoin subreddit word cloud includes a number of terms related to gratitude. "Help", "thanks" and "community" are some of the more popular expressions used.

The dogecoin community has also created a lingo all of its own with terms such as "shibe", "wow" and "moon" prominently appearing on the chart. This suggest that dogecoin has created a unique community in the short time since its December launch.

Bitcoin versus Dogecoin?

It's hard to put bitcoin and dogecoin in direct competition with one another. Yes, they are based off of the same core software, but they were built for two different reasons. Bitcoin appeared because of distrust over government controlled money, which has been the subject of conversations on its subreddit.

Dogecoin, on the other hand, was started as a joke. No one would have ever thought that it would become so popular, even to the amazement of its creator, Jackson Palmer. And the more carefree conversation in the dogecoin subreddit is a reflection of that.