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Coindesk On App Store!

Coindesk Bitcoin App Now Available for Iphone!

Coindesk has released an iOS application featuring the latest bitcon news and analysis, Bitcoin Price Index, a price chart, currency converter and price alert notifications.

Users can check the real-time bitcoin price on the app's homepage which combines price and network pages from the websites. Users have the option to toggle between the bitcoin price and network statistics. Currently, the homepage features the USD price index, but users can take advantage of the currency calculator tab to view the price in their currency of choice. The bitcoin price is based on Bitcoin Price Index data.

The homepage also shows overview statistics, including: daily highs, lows, dollar amount changes, current market cap and the total number of bitcoins in existence. Users can select the charts page to view closing price and open-high-low-close (OHLC) bitcoin charts for the day, month and week.

All the news, analysis and opinion features available on the Coindesk website can be accessed via the app. The news reader showcases the most recent cryptocurrency stories at the top, but users can also take advantage of the search bar to navigate through the Coindesk archives. The app also features a bitcoin alert tab that can be customized to a minimum and maximum price. Once a price is selected, the app will notify you when one bitcoin reaches the specified price. It is launched today, the app is now available for download from the App Store for free. Android version of the application will be launch in no time!