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No New Board Members

Bitcoin Foundation Vote Yields No New Board Members!

A vote to fill the two vacant seats on the Bitcoin Foundation's Board of Directors has ended with no candidates garnering enough votes to secure a position. Candidates needed at least 52 votes to be elected to seat, however, no candidates passed this voting threshold, election results show.

Though no candidates were elected, clear favorites for the position did emerge. BTC China CEO Bobby Lee received 44 votes while venture capital Brock Pierce and Gyft CEO Vinny Lingham finished second and third in the voting, capturing 34 votes and 21 votes respectively.

The foundation will now hold a run-off election featuring only these three candidates. The Bitcoin Foundation had earlier reported that 75% of its industry members had voted in the initial round, and that 102 out of the possible 137 ballots had been submitted by eligible voters.

Fifteen candidates were nominated for position, including Huobi CEO and founder Leon Li and BitcoinBlackFriday organiser Jor Homquist, among others. All candidates received at least one vote. Election committee chair Biran Goss indicated that details on a planned second round of voting would be released next week.