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Betting and Depositing Stopped on Just-Dice and Doge-Coin!

With news today that Canada is regulating bitcoin at the national level, gambling websites Just-Dice and Doge Dice (under same ownership and presumably run from Canada) have announced that they ceasing account depositing and betting for the foreseeable future. Just-Dice's main highlight is its provably fair gaming that's why it gained its popularity in no time.

There has been a post made by a staffer from the site's official blog, the staff's simply goes by 'Deb':

"As some of you know and many of you are going to find out, we have determined that the best course of action following Canada's new regulations regarding 'online currency' is to temporarily disable betting and depositing on both Just-Dice and Doge-Dice."

Canada's new regulations make things incredibly difficult for new businesses working in the bitcoin industry to get themselves in compliance with the law.

Bed of Just-Dice/Doge-Dice notes that along with 'Doog' (another staffer) "are working on alternatives for the sites," adding that they'll work to keep the community adequately updated as progress is made. They also make the recommendation that all users withdraw their coin balances and keep it in their own private means of storage until such a time where the website can open for business again.

Until then the sites will still remain functional, but all transaction taking place on the properties will be in what's they've referred to as a "play coin" environment. In other words, not real money.

"We would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of your, players, mods, investigators and those who have been active on chat. Without you, we'd not have enjoyed such a remarkable year together," she writes. "We hope to see you all back again once we've had a chance to get our ducks in a row."