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BetMoose The Bitcoin's Own Distributed Betting Market

The Bitcoin's Own Distributed Betting Market has been Launched!

Do you think that the next US president will be Hillary Clinton, or do you feel like Germany will win the FIFA World Cup? Well, then why not make some coin with your Nostradamus-like powers? And now you can, with

BetMoose is the place for P2P betting

BetMoose is a user driven betting exchange where you can place or create bets about anything and it is really anything.You can just make a bet about the first pitch in the San Francisco Giants vs. the Arizona Diamondbacks Game being called a "BALL", or that the bitcoin price will hit $1000 again before the year end. BetMoose makes a great exercise in testing your prophecy prowess.

The first thing that you'll notice when you arrive at the site, is its clean and organized homepage. There are not to many buttons or options to confuse you, just an easy on the eyes layout showing four of the many featured bets. Here is where the site gets interesting. You can place a bet on something you see, or host your own if you have a prediction. The site is P2P which means there are no unfavorable odds against you - bet against yourself if you wish, you'll get back your own coin.

Here are some of the bets posted at BetMoose, These are the most interesting bets that was posted since its first day:
  • Bitcoin Will Pass $1600 By the End of this Year
  • will reach 51% of the network hash rate in June - Resolved! (Guess what it was)
  • Bitcoin will hit $700 before 7/4/14
  • Amazon will accept Bitcoin by end of 2014
  • Hillary Clinton to announce US Presidential bid
"The purpose of BetMoose is to bring a convenient, secure, and user-friendly way for anyone to profit from their predictions while at the same time driving bitcoin adoption, and being an easy entry-point for new users."

BetMoose wants to make prediction markets mainstream, while also appealing to veteran oracles and prophets. To be the platform for those that want to place serious investments on future events, or hedge their existing positions on future holdings. The vision of an easy and safe experience carries right over to the core principles and policies of BetMoose.