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Blockchain Launches

Blockchain Launches Android App

Bitcoin Wallet and Block explorer provider Blockchain has officially launched its website today, giving visitors a learning portal to the basics of the digital currency. Previously, the site was used by fellow consumer wallet provider Coinbase as a customer onboarding tool. However, Blockchain announced its 5-year deal to manage the domain name earlier this year.

At the time, the company expressed its hope "to help drive consumer adoption and education" using the web portal, standing; "We are excited to create new learning experiences and introduce millions of new users to bitcoin as a result of this exclusive deal."

The site is available in at least 70 languages, including Czech, Persian and Zulu, among others.

Blockchain for Android

The announcement coincided with the news that Blockchain will launch a more consumer-friendly wallet app update on Android devices next month, as reported by Business Insider. Blockchain executives told the media outlet that the app will emphasize security as well, and provided screenshots highlighting the app's improved interface.

The company has also announced that it will further resubmit its app to the iOS store following Apple's most recent policy update, which may now allow for bitcoin apps with money transfer capabilities to be listed via the platform.

Site Overview

At, users are greeted by an introductory "What is bitcoin?" video, with the current bitcoin price displayed in the top corner. Just below, the site answers the question of how to use bitcoin, briefly explaining how bitcoin wallets work and directing users to directs bitcoin beginners to the main players in the ecosystem-Coinbase, Bitpay, Overstock, among others - to answer other questions about how to become informed and involved with the digital currency.