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Off Topic: Bitcoin Gifts for Father's Day

Know the Top 5 Bitcoin Gifts for Father's Day!

Father's Day is right around the corner and the usual gifts are flying off the shelves already. The good thing about this year is there are now more than 30,000 business and charities that are accepting Bitcoin through BitPay alone for payment for goods, services and/or donations. You can consider the following list of possible Father's Day gifts that you can purchase using Bitcoins:
  1. Send your Father into outer space and all the way to the moon itself. Virgin Galactic has announced that all of its space flights reservations can be paid for with Bitcoin.
  2. Give your Dad a chance to pick out his own gift with a gift card from merchants such as E-Gifter. E-Gifter offers cards from some of the top retail outlets in the world, such as Amazon, Dell, Best Buy, Home Depot and Macy's.
  3. You can also buy stuffs like leather furniture, watches, travel bags, great looking clothing, sports gear and electronics.
  4. Plan a vacation at BTCtrip or Cheapair, take care of the transportation, hotel, and car rental and you can also include things like an ice fishing to the Glacier Bay or a trip across Australian Outback.
  5.   Celebrate Father's Day in a family dinner dedicated to your father. There are 76 restaurants in 21 states that accept Bitcoin for payment including many specialty restaurants.
Finally, if you want to give your father a special treatment, you can simply give him bitcoins and direct him to the many options that has has online. This will not allow him to select his own gift but will help him understand a new technology.